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Victims’ Hub supports over 4,000 people in first year

Cambridgeshire’s pioneering Victims’ Hub which has transformed support services for victims of crime in the county is today celebrating its first anniversary.

4,311 victims have received emotional and practical support to help them cope and recover from their experience of crime since the Victims’ Hub launched on October 1 2014. In addition to this, over 27,000 letters and e-mails have been sent to the victims of crime making them aware of the support available. 

Cambridgeshire created this ‘one-stop-shop’ for victims of crime after the Ministry of Justice transferred the responsibility for commissioning support services for victims to Police and Crime Commissioners.

The locally-based Victim Care Co-ordinators not only provide phone-based support, but can also refer people to enhanced specialist services, or face to face support delivered by volunteers.  Support is given according to need rather than crime type.

Commenting on the important milestone, Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner Sir Graham Bright said: “I’ve always said that the best measure of the Hub’s success would be the words of the victims themselves and the feedback we’ve received so far has been hugely complimentary. Victims have credited the Victim Care Co-ordinators with being instrumental to their recovery.

“We knew early on that what we were piloting was a revolutionary approach to victims’ care and it is deeply rewarding that just a year into the service we’re already receiving recognition for our work. Our experiences and learning are now helping to influence and shape victim services in other parts of the country as we share the knowledge we’ve gained with other Police and Crime Commissioners.

“Any service is only as good as the people who deliver it and I would like to personally extend my gratitude to the Head of the Victims’ Hub Steve Welby and the team, as well as our partners, for their professional and dedicated approach which really is making a difference to people’s lives.”

The Victims’ Hub is staffed by locally-based Victim Care Coordinators who understand local crime trends and work with victims to identify what kind of help they need to be able to recover from their experiences of crime. These staff can call upon any number of specialist services, commissioned by the Police and Crime Commissioner, to deliver more targeted help. Among these extra services are Community Psychiatric Nurses who are able to conduct an assessment and support them to access any mental health services they require.  For those victims who require further, non-telephone based support, a team of 15 trained volunteers are available to provide face-to-face support.

Importantly, victims do not have to formally report a crime to police to be able to access the service and can contact the Hub directly for support.

Sir Graham was joined by senior police officers, Hub staff and representatives from partner agencies at today’s anniversary celebration, which included the cutting of a cake to mark the symbolic milestone.

Steve Welby, Hub Manager, said: “What a fantastic first year for a service that breaks new ground in the delivery of victim-led support. When we set out on this journey we had no idea that 12 months later we would have directly assisted more than 4,000 victims of crime, helping to prevent a catalogue of other emotional and practical problems simply because we’ve given the right help at the right time.

“At its heart, this service is about supporting victims of crime to cope and recover in a way which best meets their personal needs. This might be a quick chat with a Victim Care Co-ordinator or a visit from a volunteer or a referral to someone with more specialist skills.”



Notes to editors

Some statistics:

  • Number of Victims referred to the Victims’ Hub 7,087
  • Victims successfully contacted 5,559 (if no answer after three calls the victim is sent a letter).
  • Of the 5,559:

– 2,206 received ongoing support
– 2,105 received support in a single call
– 1,248 said they did not need support

  • Number of e-mails / letters send to victims advising them of services available 27,221



A selection of comments received from users of the Victims’ Hub (please note that names have been redacted by request)

“I have been totally overwhelmed by the level of service and support. I didn’t know so much was available to me. Xxxxx from the Crime Prevention team and the Bobby Scheme have all been out and we have had a letter from the Victim Hub. It’s quite superb and I’m very grateful.”

“I think the support network is excellent. As I said we were in touch with Victim Hub and the Crime Prevention team have been round too. The officers and staff have been very helpful and everybody has done their best to make a difficult situation bearable.”

“It was first class. We had a number of different services come round. We had a CSI. Police Officers and then somebody for security advice. We also had a letter from Victim Hub. We felt very supported and in the loop.”

“I didn’t feel I was on a time limit, so was able to vocalise my fears and feelings about what had happened on Christmas day which really helped to get things straight in my head. Thank you. I was very satisfied with the service!”

“Xxxxx (from the Victim’s Hub) was brilliant in ALL aspects.  The way in which he communicated to my son in such a positive, caring manner ensured that my son regained his confidence in life.  My son was very upset about what happened and as a parent, I was very worried about the effects the bullying was having on him.  Xxxxx made a huge impact upon my son which I will never forget.  His impact has increased the trust and confidence that my community have upon Cambridgeshire Police.”

“I’m not very good with words but without Xxxxx I don’t know what I would have done, I was a nervous wreck! She has been so helpful to me, just knowing she is there for me and still if ever I need her at the other end of the phone, it’s been a difficult couple of weeks. I feel Xxxxx has helped get me through this, thank you. 100% getting there with the help of Victims Hub.”