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My Response to the Cambridge Magistrates’ Court’s proposal

Today (March 21st), I am publishing my response to the consultation on the future of Cambridge Magistrates’ Court.

I have stated publically that I am deeply concerned about the announcement that the Magistrates’ Court in Cambridge could be closed.  This could have a significant impact on police resources in the county and for many other organisations within the criminal justice system.

I and many of my residents and the local services who work closely with victims and offenders, need to be convinced that any new arrangements have been fully thought through and that any changes provide a sensible, affordable and effective service for the public.Any changes need to consider impact on all organisations involved in local criminal justice. I believe we have the ability here in Cambridgeshire to ‘get better together’

Read my response regarding the consultation on the closure of Cambridge Magistrates Court here.

Edited: Following the conclusion of the consultation, the Commissioner responded:

I welcome today’s announcement by the Ministry of Justice that Cambridge Magistrates’ Court will remain open. It is heartening to see that the consultation into the Court’s future received the largest no of responses. This is good news for the county, in particular for victims and offenders going through the criminal justice system.