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Police and Crime Commissioner agrees to buy land for new southern police station

A DECISION has been made today (Wednesday 5 January) by Police and Crime Commissioner, Darryl Preston to purchase the land at Milton, near Cambridge, to build the new southern police station.

The decision, made at the Commissioner’s Business Coordination Board, means that the land is secure for the future build of the police station, plans for which were approved in March 2021.

Before building work can begin, a full archaeological dig will need to be completed on the site, which is anticipated to take around nine months, at which point, further due diligence work will then be carried out, to ensure the best value for money on the project.

Police and Crime Commissioner, Darryl Preston said: “The investment means the Constabulary will be able to meet the needs of our ever-growing population and better respond to the challenges of modern-day policing.”

Chief Constable Nick Dean said: “From the Constabulary’s view point we are pleased that the Commissioner has made the decision to purchase the land in Milton, following on from the planning approval for the police station last year.

“Archaeological digs on the site, which will no doubt take time to complete, are now scheduled to take place.

“Once completed, further decisions will be required to be taken by the Commissioner, after a review of where we are, given the current market conditions on building supplies and services, before decisions are taken on how to proceed with the project.”

The project, as previously stated, will also include a city centre police station for the Neighbourhood Policing Teams, however, until the review has been completed, identifying suitable premises will be on hold and operational business will continue at Parkside Police Station in Cambridge city centre.