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Plan variation puts victims in driving seat

Cambridgeshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner will put victims in the driving seat when he puts forward a variation to his Police and Crime Plan in February.

Police and crime commissioners have a duty to keep their Police and Crime Plans under review and may at any time vary the Plan. The draft revised Plan must be issued to the Police and Crime Panel for review.

A Strategic Vision of Support for Victims in Cambridgeshire aims to champion the needs of victims and provide victim-driven support which enables them to cope and recover and where possible return to the life they had before the crime occurred.  This victim strategy reinforces the drive to create safer, stronger and supportive communities for victims and recognises some victims have multiple complex needs and need all agencies to work together to support them.

Sir Graham Bright said: “In Cambridgeshire we have been forging ahead with plans to give victims of crime a much stronger voice. I have already received some funding from the Ministry of Justice which is helping to ensure I have sufficient capacity to do the necessary groundwork to prepare for the further broadening of my role.

“We have additional money coming our way from October this year which will mean I have responsibility for commissioning support services for the 30,000 people who report crime each year in the county.

“I want to put the victim in the driving position, ensuring they receive the necessary help in the aftermath of a crime committed against them. For many, the offence against them is only the start of what can seem to many to be a traumatic process. It is our collective duty to ensure they are effectively supported throughout the criminal justice system.

“My role, and the operation I am now running, is completely different to the one I inherited and it is increasing all the time. The variation to my Plan, and the accompanying finances, is truer reflection of that broader role.”

The variation to the Plan will also include a stronger focus on effective partnership working to reduce the number of victims in the first place by tackling offending, re-offending and approaches to vulnerable people. It champions a ‘whole public sector service’ approach to problems that are common to all. Ensuring the Commissioner is adequately supported in his pledge to be the voice of the people, not the police, also features highly.

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