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PCC’s budget proposals help sustain ‘record’ number of police officers

POLICE and Crime Commissioner Darryl Preston has announced his plan to deliver strong and effective policing across the county and maintain ‘record’ numbers of police officers over the next 12 months.

Following a countywide survey of residents carried out in January, Darryl recommended increasing the policing part of council tax by 5.8% which equates to an extra 19p per week for a Band A property and 29p per week for a Band D.

The Commissioner’s proposed increase was endorsed by Police and Crime Panel members at their recent Panel meeting on 1st February 2023, held in Huntingdon.

He said the additional funding is vital to sustaining frontline policing and would help support the record number of police officers now serving in the force following a three-year national recruitment campaign.

“Raising the amount local people pay towards policing is not a decision I take lightly, especially given the severe pressures faced by all of us through the cost-of-living crisis,” he said.

“However, there is no viable alternative if I am to protect the resources and resilience we have worked so hard to achieve over the past three years. Local people have made it clear they expect to see a visible and proactive policing service across their communities, and it is my duty to deliver.

“Policing is not immune from the economic issues impacting the public and other sectors with rising inflation and increased costs placing the budget under considerably more strain than previous years. It is also important that we do not undermine the advances we have already made to give people the policing service they rightly expect.

“I would like to thank everyone who took time to share their views through my survey. There is incredible support for the difficult and often dangerous job our police officers do to keep our communities safe, and I remain committed to giving residents what they want which is effectively more officers on the streets.

“The Constabulary is on track to meet its recruitment target set by the government as part of the national Uplift programme which will see a record 1,732 police officers in place by 31 March 2023. The funding raised through the money you pay towards council tax this year will help ensure those new officers have the support, training and equipment they need to make a difference to your safety and the safety of the county as a whole.”