My response to Covid-19

As your Acting Police and Crime Commissioner, I will continue to support the Chief Constable to ensure that he has all the resources he needs to effectively deal with the impact of the Coronavirus health crisis over the coming weeks.

Equally, I fully understand that as Acting Commissioner I also need to hold the Chief Constable to account for the Constabulary’s response during this crisis.  This will include how the Constabulary are using the new policing powers: powers designed to help the police support the NHS, save lives and prevent the spread of the infection.

Making sure our county has the strongest possible response to the coronavirus pandemic remains the number one priority for all of us working in the public sector.

Both I and my team are working hard with partners across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough to support the countywide effort to keep people safe during the current Coronavirus health emergency.

As lockdown restrictions are gradually being lifted, everyone needs to take actions to help us all return to a more normal life. Keep caring for one another as Coronavirus has not gone away.

  • Caring is keeping your distance – inside or outside
  • Caring is being responsible – staying isolated if you think you have got symptoms, or been close to someone who has
  • Caring is covering your face – even with no symptoms you might still spread the virus
  • Caring is washing your hands – regularly, when you enter or leave a new place
  • Caring is staying and buying local – to support local businesses and jobs
  • Caring is being considerate – rubbish destroys our countryside, and puts those who clear it up at risk

Comprehensive advice on current government rules from 4 July 2020 are available on the GOV.UK website.

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough residents and businesses can follow the latest advice and information on the pandemic, as well as which council services are affected and how you can get involved with helping your community by following Cambridgeshire County Council’s Coronavirus information pages.

A countywide community hub has been set up to support residents identified as shielding and being of the highest risk, to make sure our most vulnerable residents have access to food, medicines and other important supplies.

There are also district and city hubs providing more local support for residents across their communities.

Each of the district and city councils will have information on their websites about the local hubs including how people can get in touch and access help and support.

To contact the countywide hub, people are being asked, where possible, to do so online at

The countywide hub can also be contacted Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm, and Saturdays 9am to 1pm  on 0345 045 5219

If you are concerned about the welfare of a neighbour, advice on when to contact the police is provided the Advice for Communities document below. 

For the latest national advice about how to keep you and your family safe, visit:

For the latest health advice, visit:

Follow Cambridgeshire Constabulary for advice on what the police are doing:

Support for victims

Support services for anyone affected by crime continue to be provided by Cambridgeshire’s Victim and Witness Hub. Anyone wishing to access victim support can call the Freephone advice number on 0800 781 6818 or email:

There is also online advice on the Victims Services website which provides details of other local and national organisations providing specialist support:

For anyone experiencing domestic abuse or sexual violence, support services provided by Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Partnership are still available.

Services include support from Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (IDVAs), Independent Sexual Violence Advisers (ISVAs) and Domestic Abuse Outreach Services.

For details call the National Domestic Abuse Helpline: 0808 2000 247 or visit the website:

Cambridge Women’s Aid – Cambridge City/East Cambs/South Cambs –01223 361214, Fenland/Hunts/Peterborough – Refuge 07787 255821

The ISVA Service is also still working with clients by telephone. For more details visit:

The Elms Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) is still open for victims of sexual violence or call 01480 425003

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough against Scams Partnership (CAPASP) are warning people to be vigilant against scammers who are taking advantage of Covid-19. As Covid-19 spreads rapidly across the world, various reports have emerged about fraudsters seizing the opportunity to defraud.

Follow the latest advice about how to keep yourself and your family members safe during the current emergency by following the Commissioner’s Twitter account @PCCCambs or by visiting the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough against Scams Partnership website at

The Coronavirus Act 2020 provides that Ray Bisby will remain in the post of Acting Police and Crime Commissioner until the Police and Crime Commissioner Elections now scheduled for May 2021.

If you wish to contact the Acting Police and Crime Commissioner, please email:

Stay well.