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PCC Backing for the “Have You Ever?” Campaign

Sir Graham Bright, Police and Crime Commissioner for Cambridgeshire, is backing the Cambridgeshire Drug and Alcohol Action Team’s (DAAT) “Have You Ever?” campaign, which is part of its 2015 Alcohol Awareness season.

This year’s project, which runs until the end of January, empowers local organisations, services and employers to run their own tailor-made campaigns to publicise alcohol awareness among their staff or service-users and promote healthy lifestyles.

DAAT is providing a number of free resources including leaflets and posters with targeted messages to different groups at risk of alcohol harm including elderly people, pregnant women, youngsters and office workers in the lead up to Christmas.

Campaigns could be aimed at promoting Alcohol Concern’s “Dry January” or aimed at raising awareness of the calorie content of alcohol beverages to slimmers’ groups and health organisations.

Sir Graham said: “Alcohol misuse affects people in all walks of life and has serious costs to health, employment, family life and relationships.

“This innovative campaign recognises this and helps employers deliver a very personal message to their staff prompting them to think honestly about their alcohol intake – a message that’s much more likely to be heard.

Organisations can order resources for their campaign by completing a form at: