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Number of Specials reaches 300

Cambridgeshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Sir Graham Bright, has welcomed news that the number of special constables in Cambridgeshire has reached 300.

Sir Graham said: “I am absolutely delighted that the force has reached this number of Specials.

“I fully support the Specials because they offer valuable assistance to policing in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough which is why I set recruitment of Specials as one of my targets in my Police and Crime Plan. The fact that they willingly and voluntarily give up their time is appreciated.

“I would like to congratulate everybody who has worked so hard to recruit so many. Getting so many volunteers on board while retaining as many as possible is not without its challenges which makes this success all the more important. I would equally like to extend my thanks to all those men and women who have made the decision to willingly give up their own time, unpaid, to help keep Cambridgeshire safe.”

Sir Graham made a pledge to see the number of Specials increased, saying he would like to see 300 in place by April 2014. The force has responded to the Commissioner’s pledge ahead of time.  

There were 267 special constables in place when Sir Graham set his priorities in April 2013. Special constables also work within training departments, economic crime, rural policing and public protection. In 2012 these officers were instrumental in supporting the Olympics at Cambridge Airport where dignitaries were arriving for onward travel to London for the Games.

Cambridgeshire special constables, along with colleagues in the eastern region, received a team award for mutual aid in 2012 in the National Special Constabulary and Police Service Volunteers Awards. The support they all provided has saved more than £223,000 for police forces across the region.