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‘Every confidence’ police will meet integrity challenges head on, says Commissioner

Cambridgeshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Sir Graham Bright, says he has ‘every confidence’ that the police service will rise to the challenge of ensuring high levels of integrity.  

Commenting on recent news in relation to integrity within national policing, Sir Graham has warned against potential damage to public trust on the basis of high profile cases.

 He said: “The vast majority of the Cambridgeshire public have confidence in their police service. It is of course important that we have processes in place to ensure that our officers operate to the highest standards while acting in the best interests of the public. As Commissioner, it is my job to champion public opinion and hold the Chief Constable to account.

“The police have worked so hard with communities to build trust over many years. Effective policing can only happen by the consent of the public and anything which undermines trust and confidence in the police to do their job properly is potentially very damaging. I have every confidence in the police service meeting head on the challenge set for it and want to provide reassurance that there are effective processes in place to ensure officers operate at the highest level of integrity.

“We rely on our public continuing to trust our officers in order to maintain communities’ help and support to reduce crime and keep people safe.”