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Sub-Agreement for Forensic Services


To sign the Sub-Agreement with BlueLight Commercial (BLC) for the establishment and management of a Dynamic Purchasing System for Forensic Services.

Decision Summary

This Sub-Agreement will enable BlueLight Commercial to act as the agent for the Constabulary to undertake a Further Competition under the Forensics Dynamic Purchasing System (‘DPS’) to meet the requirements of the Constabulary, as set out and completed at Schedule 1 of the Sub-Agreement (‘Requirements’).  It will also permit BlueLight Commercial to act on the Constabulary’s behalf in regard to certain contract management matters. On completion of the Further Competition contract(s) with the forensics service provider(s) (‘FSP(s)’) will be entered into directly with the Constabulary.

The Sub-Agreement, which sits under the Customer Agreement that has already been signed by all forces, provides the formal legal vehicle for BlueLight Commercial to act as agent for the Constabulary when conducting the Further Competition under the Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS).  By BlueLight Commercial acting in this capacity, it allows FSP to have only one ‘customer’ to work with and allows BlueLight Commercial to co-ordinate all force requirements, ensuring that the forensic market is able to meet the demands and continue to reliably supply services to of all forces.  The terms of the DPS and call-off contract under the DPS, together with the specification, as set out at Schedule 2 of the Sub-Agreement have already been agreed to facilitate a streamlined process with FSPs on standardised terms.