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St Neots Mast: Proposed Variation and Assignment of Lease


To approve the Deed of Variation and Deed of Assignment of the existing 10 year lease to site equipment on the mast at St Neots to Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure Ltd (CTIL).

Decision Summary

  • On 24th July 2008 Cambridgeshire Police Authority granted Telefonica UK Ltd a 10 year lease permitting them to site telecommunications equipment on St Neots police station mast.
  • Telefonica UK Ltd entered into an agreement with Vodaphone Ltd in June 2012 to jointly operate and manage a single network grid within the UK and have created a joint venture company, Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure Ltd (CTIL) to be responsible for holding the lease.
  • CTIL wish to install two additional ground based units.
  • The arrangement will be regulated by a Deed of Variation and Deed of Assignment.
  • A one off disturbance payment of £3,000 has been agreed.