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Sexual Assault Referral Centre Relocation


To terminate the current lease at Rivergate, Peterborough and take a 15 year lease of a vacant Ward at Hinchingbrooke Hospital.

Decision Summary

The Police and Crime Commissioner’s (“the Commissioner”) Estates Sub-Group (ESG) meeting on the 10th March 2016 considered and approved a report proposing to move the Sexual Assault Referral Centre from its current location in Peterborough to a new location in Huntingdon.

The current lease has a break option to terminate the lease on 25th September 2016 subject to formal notice no later than 25th March 2016.

The main heads of terms for the new lease are as follows:

  • Demise: Acer Ward, Hinchingbrooke Hospital, Hinchingbrooke Park Road, Huntingdon PE29 6NT
  • Lessor: Hinchingbrooke Health Care NHS Trust (HHCT)
  • Lessee: Police & Crime Commissioner for Cambridgeshire (PCC)
  • Use: Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) and uses ancillary thereto.
  • Term: 15 years
  • Break Clause: Landlord & Tenant break in the 10th year (subject to 6 months notice)
  • Rent: £134,742.72 (half rent from 1st June to 25th September 2016) inclusive of building insurance, utilities and business rates. Rent is to be shared with NHS partner.
  • Repairs & Maintenance: Tenant internal (non-structural), Landlord external

The refurbishment cost have been estimated at £871,666 with costs being shared with NHS partner.