Police and Crime Plan 2017-20 – Variation – Appendix – Medium Term Financial Plan


To vary the Police and Crime Plan

Decision Summary

Under Section 5 of the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 (the “Act”) the Police and Crime Commissioner (the “Commissioner”) before varying a Police and Crime Plan 2017-20 (the “Plan”) must:

  • send the draft variation to the Police and Crime Panel (the “Panel”);
  • have regard to any report or recommendations made by the Panel in relation to the variation;
  • give the Panel a response to any such report or recommendations; and
  • publish any such response.

The Commissioner presented ‘Appendix 1 Medium Term Financial Plan’ as a draft variation to the Plan to the Panel at its meeting on the 26th June 2019.

The Panel reviewed the draft variation to the Plan and produced a report on their recommendation to endorse the variation to the Plan, which is published on their website at:


The Commissioner sent his response dated 24th July 2019 to the Panel accepting their recommendation and this report is available on https://www.cambridgeshire-pcc.gov.uk/accessing-information/decision-making/decisions/

The Commissioner has published the Plan which includes the variation at https://www.cambridgeshire-pcc.gov.uk/police-crime-plan/