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Melbourn Police Office – termination of lease


To approve the termination of the lease by serving notice on the Landlord, Melbourn Village College, in accordance with the lease terms.

Decision Summary

The Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner’s Business Coordination Board (“the Board”) meeting on the 26th November 2015 discussed and agreed the termination of the lease for Melbourn Police Office by serving notice on the Landlord, Melbourne Village College, based on the information set out in the Board paper presented to them, as set out below:

  • Melbourn Police Office is held on a 10 year lease from 21/06/10 at a rent of £500pa.
  • The Police Office on the Melbourn Village College site is surplus to operational requirements and the College have a use for the building and have confirmed they are prepared to take on the responsibility for this building.
  • The lease provides for the Police, as tenant, to serve six months’ notice to terminate.

Termination of the lease at Melbourn will make an annual revenue saving of approximately £3,700 to Cambridgeshire Constabulary.