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Lease: Operational Planning Support Unit: Building 3055, Alconbury Airfield, Huntingdon


To approve a new lease of Building 3055 Alconbury Airfield for additional storage and training space for the Operational Planning Support Unit (OPSU).

Decision Summary

The building is located close to the existing OPSU facility and would allow the relocation of functions from Hitchin Police Station to a single site location.

The main heads of terms for the new lease are as follows:

  • Term: 3 years from 1st April 2015 contracted out of the ‘1954 Act’ (no security of tenure).
  • Rent: £22,825 per annum including maintenance charge for external/communal areas.
  • Repairs/Insurance: Tenant responsible for all repairs and insurance
  • Use: Police Training and Storage.
  • Break Clause: Either party has the option to break on 3 months’ notice at any time.

The Police and Crime Commissioner agreed to the lease at the Business Coordination Board (“the Board”) meeting on the 24th March 2015. The paper presented to the Board is published on the Commissioner’s website at: