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Lease of Building 252 Alconbury Airfield


To approve the renewal of the lease of Building 252 Alconbury Airfield for continued use by the Dog Section.

Decision Summary

This property was first occupied by the Dog Section in February 2002 under a 5 year lease at an initial rent of £4,125 per annum. On occupation, approximately £50,000 was incurred on the fitting out and installation of a septic tank.

Due to the long term redevelopment plans for the Airfield, the landlords (initially Alconbury Developments, now Urban & Civic) introduced a general policy of granting a maximum lease term of 3 years with no security of tenure. This was coupled with a standard landlords break clause giving 3 months notice at any time after the first anniversary of the term. This provides them with flexibility to secure vacant possession if/when required. There are no immediate plans for the redevelopment of the dog section site.

Lease renewals have been implemented 3 yearly as required.

Main heads of terms for the current lease renewal as agreed with Urban & Civic are outlined below:

  • Term: 3 years from 22 February 2013.
  • Rent: £5,250 per annum including maintenance charge for external/communal areas.
  • Repairs/Insurance: Tenant responsible for all repairs and insurance but not obliged to put the premises in any better repair than at the commencement of the occupation (in 2002).
  • Use: Office/ Dog Kennels and occasional use of other parts of the airfield for dog exercising/training purposes.
  • Break Clause: The tenant/landlord have the option to break at any time after the 1st anniversary of the term (22 Feb 2014) on 3 months’ notice in writing.