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Issuing of the Police and Crime Plan 2017-20


Decision Summary

The Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner’s Business Co-ordination Board meeting on the 16th December 2016 discussed the Police and Crime Commissioner’s (the “Commissioner”) draft Police and Crime Plan 2017-20 (the “Plan”).

Under Section 5 of the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 (the “Act”) before issuing the Plan the Commissioner must:

  • prepare a draft of the Plan;
  • consult the relevant Chief Constable in preparing the draft Plan;
  • send the draft Plan to the Police and Crime Panel (the “Panel”);The Panel reviewed the draft Plan and agreed and endorsed the Plan. The Panel produced a report of their recommendations on the draft Plan and this is published on their website at
  • Under Section 5 of the Act the Commissioner must:
  • The Commissioner presented the Plan to the Panel at its meeting on the 1st February 2017.
  • have regard to any report or recommendations made by the Panel in relation to the draft Plan;