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Issuing of Police and Crime Plan 2021 – 2024


To issue the Police and Crime Plan

Decision Summary

The Police and Crime Commissioner (the “Commissioner”) has a statutory duty to issue a Police and Crime Plan (the “Plan”) as soon as practicable after taking office – specifically before the end of the financial year which they are elected.

The Plan must determine, direct and communicate the Commissioner’s priorities during their period in office.  The statutory requirements relevant to the Plan’s development include arrangements for obtaining the views of the community, including victims of crime, on policing, and co-operative working with the Chief Constable and other responsible authorities and criminal justice bodies.

The Commissioner has undertaken significant engagement with residents, local businesses and community groups to inform the Plan.  National and local strategies and plans have also shaped the final Plan.  The Commissioner consulted the public, partner agencies and stakeholders on the emerging themes in summer 2021.  The Plan has been driven by the views of the people of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

Under Section 5 of the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 (the “Act”) before issuing the Plan the Commissioner must:

  • prepare a draft of the Plan;
  • consult the relevant Chief Constable in preparing the draft Plan;
  • send the draft Plan to the Police and Crime Panel (the “Panel”).

The development of the Plan has involved ongoing engagement and dialogue with the Chief Constable and his Senior Management Team.

The Commissioner presented the Plan to the Panel at its meeting on the 15th November 2021.  The Panel reviewed the draft Plan and agreed and endorsed the Plan.

The Panel produced a report of their recommendations on the draft Plan and this is published on their website at

Under Section 5 of the Act the Commissioner must:

  • have regard to any report or recommendations made by the Panel in relation to the draft Plan;
  • give the Panel a response to any such report or recommendations; and
  • publish any such response.

The Commissioner sent his response to the Panel noting their recommendations and this is available on his website at  The Commissioner will also publish the Plan on his website.