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Extension to Chief Constable’s contract


To extend Chief Constable Simon Parr's contract until December 31, 2016.

Decision Summary

Since I took post in November 2012, I have been impressed with Chief Constable Simon Parr’s plans to manage the Constabulary during the difficult financial times ahead.  The next Police and Crime Commissioner elections will take place in May 2016 and Chief Constable Parr’s five year contract would have ended in September 2015.

I have therefore decided to extend his contract until 31st December 2016.  This provides for a seven month period post-election for recruitment of a new Chief Constable.  In doing so, I have also noted that Chief Constable Parr would be entitled to retire and take his pension benefits in September 2013.  This would have included a lump sum payment.

Following consideration of the circumstances in this case, Chief Constable Parr will formally withdraw from the police pension scheme, having accrued 30 years pensionable service by 31 August 2013.  This creates future savings of approximately £100,000.  Chief Constable Parr with also receive, this month, an interest free advance of £200,000 against his future pension lump sum.  This advance will of course be deducted from his lump sum when he retires.  All other contractual terms and conditions remain unchanged.

I firmly believe that extending the contract past the election will provide the stability of quality leadership required to ensure effective and efficient policing in Cambridgeshire.  I am delighted that Chief Constable Parr has agreed to stay to drive forward our plans and I look forward to the continuation of our effective partnership in service the people of Cambridgeshire.