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Covenant of 44 Station Road, Fulbourn


To approve the PCC entering into a Deed of Release with the current proprietor of 44 Station Road, Fulbourn.

Decision Summary

44 Station Road, Fulbourn is a former police house sold at a discount in 1999. The transfer contained a provision that a portion of the discount would be repaid if the house was sold within 5 years. There is an additional requirement for all future prospective purchasers to enter a Deed of Covenant with Cambs Police Authority (or its successors) subsequently providing certificate consent acknowledging that this requirement has been met. This requirement has been superseded by the fact that the repayment provision has expired so we no longer need any form of notification of any sale of the property.

It is therefore recommended that the PCC and current proprietor enter into a Deed of Release, releasing them from the obligation to enter a Deed of Covenant with a prospective buyer and obtain certificate consent. This will tidy up the legal situation and the PCC will receive no future requests in relation to this property.

The current proprietor has provided an undertaking to cover our legal fees and disbursements.