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Community Safety and Victims Support Grants 2015-16


Approve the reallocations of the Capability and Capacity Grant and Victims Support Grant in 2014/15.

Decision Summary

Victims Grants:

During 2013/14 the Commissioner received a Victims Capability and Capacity Grant from the Home Office. £67k of this was carried forward to 2014/15. During the year opportunities to reallocate funding were identified to ensure that the appropriate service delivery arrangements were established. Appendix 1 shows the allocation of the carried forward and the reallocations of grant funding.

In 2014/15 the Commissioner received £454k victims grant from the Home Office. The Board approved the allocations of this grant at its meeting on 24 July 2014. However, during the year further initiatives were identified and funding became available to be allocated against those initiatives.  Appendix 1 shows the reallocations of the victims grant funding.

Community Safety Grants:

The Police and Crime Commissioner allocated £1.3m of Community Safety Grants for 2014/15. During the year the grants were monitored and as result, underspends were identified and amendments were made to allocations as information received regarding the requirements for the grants. Appendix 2 shows the reallocations to the grants.

2015/16 Grant allocations

The Community Safety Grants have been evaluated and a number for factors were taken into consideration, when reviewing allocations for 2015/16, including the reduction in the main Policing Grant, future commitments and information received during the course of the 2014/15 financial year regarding the level of funding required. Appendix 3 shows the allocations for 2015/16.

The Commissioner will also receive £910k victims support grant from the Home Office during 2015/16. Appendix 4 shows the allocations of this grant for 2015/16.