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Capital Programme


Approval of the capital programme and financing.

Decision Summary

The proposed Capital Programme is split into 6 Sections A to F:-


A      continuing schemes approved in previous year(s) – £1.641m in 2013/14.

B      rolling schemes which requires approval for 2013/14 expenditure only – £1.9m.

C      new schemes starting in 2013/14 and requiring approval of total scheme costs – £0.240m.

D     new schemes starting in 2013 requiring agreement in principle but which will be subject to approval of a business case, or further report before the scheme can commence – £0.2m in 2013/14, £0.8m total

E      possible future schemes, tentative at this stage, for note by the Board

F      proposed financing –

Capital Grant                                                     £1.169m

Vehicle Receipts (RCCO)                                £0.031m

Capital Reserves (Legacy Schemes)              £1.641m

Revenue Contribution                                      £1.140m

Total                                                                     £3.981m