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Capital Programme 2014/18


To approve the proposed Capital Programme for 2014-15

Decision Summary

The proposed Capital Programme is split into 5 Sections A to E:-
A            Funding approved in previous years – £0.842m in 2014/15
B            Approval required for 2014/15 expenditure – £2.235m
C            Schemes requiring a Business Case or further information to be brought back for approval –              £1.450m
D            Collaboration Capital Programme – Business Case Approval Required – £0.118k
E            Capital Financing –
Capital Grants                                                                              £1.205m
Innovation Fund Grant                                                              £1.370m
Vehicle Receipts (RCCO)                                                           £0.150m
Capital Receipts                                                                           £0m
Capital Reserves                                                                           £0.842m
Revenue Contribution to Capital Outlay (RCCO)                 £0.836k
Collaboration RCCO                                                                   £0.241m
Borrowing                                                                                   £0m
Total                                                                                             £4.645m


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