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Bretton Police Station – surrender of lease


To approve the surrender of the lease at Bretton Police Station, Peterborough, to Peterborough City Council

Decision Summary

The Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner’s Business Coordination Board (“the Board”) meeting on the 26th November 2015 discussed and agreed the surrender of the lease for Bretton Police Station to the Landlord, Peterborough City Council, based on the information set out in the Board paper presented to them, as set out below:

  • Bretton Police Station is held on a long lease with restrictions on use and subletting. The Landlord has confirmed that these restrictions may be lifted.
  • The premises have been unsuccessfully marketed since May 2015 for an assignment of the lease and only a short term sub-let is achievable. The sub-let would create a short term income but Cambridgeshire Constabulary would remain liable to the Landlord for repairs, maintenance, service charge, and for property on-costs on expiry of the sub-lease.
  • Whilst there is no provision within the lease to surrender, the Landlord has confirmed that a surrender at nil premium would be acceptable. A surrender provides a clean break with no revenue liability beyond the surrender date.

A surrender would make an annual revenue saving of approximately £12,000