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Award of Crime and Disorder Reduction Grant for electronic diversion to support early intervention


To approve the award of a Crime and Disorder Reduction grant to Cambridgeshire Constabulary (the “Constabulary”) to enable them to undertake a one-year proof of concept for an electronic diversion solution to support the Constabulary’s use of out of court disposals and other offender management activity to prevent crime through early intervention.

Decision Summary

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC)/Constabulary received Home Office Innovation Funding in 2016-18 to establish a new approach to out of court disposals.  This approach was refreshed at the end of 2019 with the establishment of the Constabulary’s Out of Court Diversion Suite.  The Constabulary’s approach is in line with national guidance and seen as best practice in terms of diverting offenders from the criminal justice and reducing recidivism.  The Policing, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill currently before Parliament enshrines this approach.

Face-to-face interventions have been delivered by external partners to assist in managing future behaviour.  An OPCC grant to HMP Peterborough’s Outside Links service facilitates holistic assessment and support.  However, the success of the scheme means there is a need to also develop non face-to-face intervention options to meet demand.  Electronic diversions have been used on a limited basis and have proved successful.  Where conditions are not met, offenders do face action through court.

The Constabulary have procured an electronic interventions solution that will meet the needs of offenders with a wide and diverse range of needs, over many offence types.  Interventions are based on recognised methods of intervention, such as CBT, and underpinned with an appropriate evidence base.

Market research has shown limited providers and none have been found that offer the diversity and ease of intervention of the selected provider.

The one-year proof of concept will enable a longer-term approach to be established with the correct balance between electronic and face-to-face interventions.

The Constabulary will hold the contract and keep the OPCC informed as part of wider monitoring.