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Award of Contract for 7 Force Language Services


Sign the contract for the 7Force Language Services commencing 1 February 2023.

Decision Summary

7Force Commercial Services have undertaken procurement of Language Services for across the Eastern Region.

The contract is to be awarded from 1 February 2023 for an initial three-year period with the option to extend for a further two years

The contract will provide a managed service for:

  • Face to face interpretation
  • Telephone interpretation
  • Translation and transcription (including Braille and Easy Read)
  • Services for the deaf and deaf/blind (including but not limited to, British Sign Language, Sign Supported English, Note Taking, Finger Spelling and Lip Speaking).
  • Video interpretation Services (evidential)
  • Video interpretation Services (non-evidential) and
  • Other non-defined language support services as and when they arise

The Commissioner approved to sign the contract on 11 January 2023.