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Athena Section 22A (S22A) Collaboration Agreement


To sign the Athena Section 22A (S22A) Collaboration Agreement.

Decision Summary

Project Athena has now matured and developed since 2011 and the Parties wish to enter into an updated collaboration agreement in accordance with Section 22A of the Police Act 1996 (as amended by the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011).

This Agreement shall update and replace the 2011 CSA, maintain the risk profile between the Parties and set out the matters agreed by the Parties for the future of Project Athena.

In entering into the 2011 CSA and this Agreement the Parties have had regard to the Statutory Guidance for Police Collaboration published by the Home Office in October 2012 in exercise of the Home Secretary’s power under section 23F of the Police Act 1996 to provide guidance about collaboration agreements and related matters.