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Approval of funding of Programme Metis from the Capital Programme


To approve the Constabulary to spend £50,000 from the Capital programme on Programme Metis.

Decision Summary

In February 2013, the unapproved scheme entitled Business Productivity and Mobile Devices (METIS) was approved under the capital programme.

Currently the scheme has an unapproved but funded budget of £200,000 as an initial spend against this work which will progress over the next few years.

In order to progress the concept work, the Constabulary had used their financial delegation to buy devices for proof of concept of the programme.

The Constabulary now require a further £30,000 to be approved in advance of the full business case to progress the development and scoping work and also assist in the production of the business case. While METIS has been brought to the Business Co-ordination Board for update the Business case has yet to be formally signed.

Procurement have been involved in this project and are looking to take the work forward using the Cloud 9 framework but this piece of work is critical to the Constabulary’s tablet pilot work and therefore, while the contract is being developed, it was felt more appropriate to use Black Marble through the exemption route to engage the company for this piece of work.

The Commissioner is being invited to approve the spend of £50,000 from the Capital programme on Programme Metis.

Background paper available here