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Day of public engagements in Peterborough for Commissioner

Cambridgeshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner rounded off a day of engagements in Peterborough yesterday by visiting the contact point at Sainsbury’s alongside his Outreach Worker.

Sir Graham Bright first visited Peterborough Rape Crisis, based in the Sexual Assault Referral Centre (address). There he met staff and praised them for the work they do to support some of the county’s most vulnerable victims of sexual. He then moved onto Cathedral Square where he spoke to members of the public about policing and community safety in Peterborough before finally spending an hour at the Police Contact Point in Sainsbury’s Bretton.

Sir Graham said: “I am often in Peterborough for meetings with partners and community groups, but spending time listening to the public is what it’s all about and I was impressed by the people I spoke to, many of whom were very supportive of the work the police and other partners are doing in Peterborough. I think some were quite surprised to have both myself and the Deputy Chief Constable on hand to respond directly to any concerns they had.

“The feedback I have received so far regarding the Sainsbury’s Contact Point has been very positive and I understand that my Outreach Worker and local police have been able to respond to lots of enquiries from members of the public since it was set up. It’s highly visible and in a prominent location where virtually everybody visits at least once a week. I am looking to open further contact points across the county in the coming months. They provide an excellent opportunity for face to face contact with the public which I am keen to build on.”