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Commissioner’s Annual Report: “Achievements should not be understated”

Cambridgeshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner has today published his first Annual Report since taking up the post, saying that the progress made during 2012-13 should not be understated in view of the financial challenges the force faces.

The report summarises Sir Graham’s progress against the pledges he has made since his election in November 2012 and highlights achievements made by the Constabulary against priorities set out in the Local Policing Plan 2012-13.

Sir Graham said: “My pledges were created in direct response to feedback from the public during my election campaign, subsequent correspondence, meetings with members of the public and staff from partner agencies.

“In particular I wanted to focus on maintaining visible policing, prioritising the front line and focusing on a service that meets local needs. I also wanted every member of the public to have a police officer in their pocket via their mobile phone. I concentrated on improving the 101 non emergency call handling to increase public confidence in reporting incidents. Up to 94% of calls are now answered within 30 seconds.”

Notable highlights during 2012-13 include:

  • Significant, force-wide reduction in total crime and victim-based crime
  • An increase in public confidence in policing
  • A reduction in the number of people killed and seriously injured in Cambridgeshire

Last year also heralded a force restructure which created a new local policing model and launched new units aimed at reducing crime and disorder and keeping people safe while producing considerable savings and increasing resilience.

Sir Graham said: “I have been hugely impressed by the Chief Constable and his team and have found it very easy to work with them since my arrival.

“Two of our policing areas are ranked in the top ten most peaceful places in the country to live. Overall crime levels in Cambridgeshire have continued to fall more than the national average.

“These achievements should not be understated, especially when seen against the background of immense change required to deliver an efficient and effective policing service within the available budget. Every officer and member of staff has been affected in some way; to remain professional and motivated in these challenging times is a credit to everyone involved.”

The Commissioner’s Annual Report is available here