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Commissioner urges local people to have their say on his proposal for a new Southern Police Station

POLICE and Crime Commissioner, Jason Ablewhite is today (Tuesday 11th June) urging local people to give their views on his proposal to build a new police station on the outskirts of Milton, Cambridge.

His call comes following a public meeting held in Milton yesterday evening (10th June) by the Commissioner and Chief Constable, Nick Dean, where concerns were raised about the future of Parkside Police Station.

The Commissioner said:

“I want to thank everyone who came to the meeting last night. I also want to clarify what I am currently consulting on.

“The survey I launched yesterday seeks people’s views as to whether they think building a new, operational police station on the outskirts of the city, in Milton, is a good idea. The meeting, held in Milton last night was an opportunity to present our proposal to local people, to listen to their concerns and offer reassurance and clarity where possible.

“As Police and Crime Commissioner, it is my job to respond to the Chief Constable’s operational request to have a police station which meets modern requirements.

“For those of you, like myself, who have lived and worked in Cambridge for decades, we have been discussing the need for a new police station for years. Whilst Parkside Police Station has provided a good service since its construction in 1967, it is no longer big enough to serve our growing population. The number of custody cells need increasing so that officers don’t spend hours transferring detainees to Peterborough, when the cells in Parkside become full.

“Once this initial consultation on our Milton proposal ends on July 5th, I will be holding a second consultation with the public on what the remaining Cambridge city centre police station will look like.

“I want to again reassure people that there will definitely be a police station in the centre of Cambridge City, whatever the outcome of the current survey regarding a possible new station in Milton.”

Chief Constable, Nick Dean added:

“People living in Cambridge city and the surrounding villages need a modern police station, capable of responding to both the growing population and the changing nature of crime. It is important that we explore options for a new station before consulting on what elements of policing remain in the city.”

A link to the Commissioner’s survey is here.

Copies are the indicative plans are available here.