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Commissioner encourages domestic abuse victims to seek help

VICTIMS of domestic abuse are being encouraged to come forward during a high profile month-long campaign across Cambridgeshire.

Sir Graham Bright, Police and Crime Commissioner for Cambridgeshire, is endorsing the Constabulary’s ‘Reach Out’ initiative during February which aims to reassure those experiencing domestic abuse that there is help available to them and that the police take the issue incredibly seriously.

Valentines Day often acts as a catalyst for domestic abuse. While many people will receive chocolate and flowers others will receive abuse and intimidation.

Commenting on the campaign, Sir Graham said: “Domestic Abuse is a terrible crime and one that no-one should suffer in silence, especially around Valentine’s Day.  The ‘Reach Out’ awareness campaign is exceptionally important and I urge those suffering domestic violence to take the first step and seek support.  Anyone wanting help should contact 101 or if the abuse is life threatening they should dial 999 straightaway.”

The ‘Reach Out’ campaign is using social media, video content, printed materials and local radio adverts to spread the message.

In January, the police-led Victims’ Hub started supporting people involved in cases of domestic abuse so a wide range of additional support is now in place as the Police and Crime Commissioner and the Constabulary work alongside agencies and charities to offer support across the county.

In 2014, Cambridgeshire Constabulary investigated 4,190 crimes involving domestic abuse across the county.

People can follow the campaign through the police’s social media channels on Twitter (@CambsCops), Facebook, or search for CambsCops on Instagram.

The campaign forms part of the Constabulary’s Get Closer initiative which aims to communicate with the public about key issues in a targeted and creative way.


About The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner

Sir Graham Bright is the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cambridgeshire.

Police and Crime Commissioners have responsibility for delivering an efficient and effective police service in their area. Commissioners set police and crime objectives, the police budget and issue crime and disorder reduction grants through the Police and Crime Plan. Commissioners also hold the police to account, making them answerable to the public.

Further details can be found on the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner website