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Burglary satisfaction among the best nationally

Cambridgeshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner has welcomed a report from the Chief Constable which shows that Cambridgeshire is currently seventh nationally for burglary satisfaction levels.

The report to Sir Graham Bright’s Business Coordination Board details the proactive work the force has undertaken in relation to dwelling burglary. This has resulted in burglary victim satisfaction being the highest of all crime types surveyed, currently at almost 95 per cent for the 12 months to June.

Sir Graham said: “I am delighted by this excellent news which shows that we are continuing to put victims at the centre of all our work.

“Burglary is an intrusive and distressful crime which leaves its victims, particularly older people, feeling extremely vulnerable.

“That is exactly why I have said that I want all burglaries to be investigated by the police. I am pleased to see that the force has taken that on. The force has done some excellent work on preventing and investigating burglary and, most importantly, supporting vulnerable victims. In June, Scenes of Crime Officers attended every single dwelling burglary in Cambridgeshire.”

Action by the Constabulary has included:

  • An improved response to victims through the adoption of a tri-force evidence recovery standard developed by the Scientific Support Unit
  • A suite of prevention tools, including an online ‘interactive house’ which allows residents to visit key areas of the house to see where they could improve their own security
  • Targeted enforcement activity towards cross border criminals

The most recent data (interviews in the 12 months to March 2014) shows that Cambridgeshire’s performance is higher than its peers for satisfaction with the whole experience, which includes actions and follow up.

Sir Graham Bright contributes £50,000 towards supporting the Cambridgeshire Shrievalty Trust’s ‘Bobby Scheme’. This scheme provides a free service to victims of burglary aged 60 or more who live in the county. Security advisors repair minor damage caused by the criminal and then install locks, bolts, peepholes, door chains and alarms, providing vital reassurance to victims of burglary. The Scheme also helps older people who are not yet victims but who are at high risk or feel vulnerable and asks for a small contribution to its costs from this group.

The report on burglary to the Commissioner’s Business Coordination Board can be found here