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HMICFRS Inspection Reports

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabularies and Fire & Rescue Service (HMICFRS) are commissioned by the Home Secretary to undertake inspections of police forces and fire and rescue services.

Section 55(5) of the 1996 Police Act requires all Police and Crime Commissioner to prepare comments on any published HMICFRS reports that relate to their force, to forward these to the Home Office and then publish in the manner they see fit.

The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Police and Crime Commissioner has decided all of his responses (from January 2019) will be published on this page. Please see responses below:

HMICFRS Report Response
Policing and Mental Health: Picking up the Pieces See PCC response dated 18 01 19 below
The police response to domestic abuse: An update report – HMICFRS See PCC response dated 26 03 19 below
Fraud: Time to Choose – HMICFRS Thematic inspection into the police response to Fraud See PCC response dated 24 05 19 below
Stalking and Harassment –HMICFRS Inspection of Sussex Police and an update on national recommendations See PCC response dated 28 05 19 below
The poor relation: The police and CPS response to crimes against older people See PCC response dated 21 08 19 below
Leading Lights: An inspection of the police service’s arrangements for the selection and development of chief officers – HMICFRS See PCC response dated 09 10 19 below
SpotLight report Abuse of position for a sexual purpose:Shining a light on betrayal See PCC response dated 15 11 19 below
Cyber:keeping the Light On. An inspection of the police response to cyber-dependent crime See PCC response dated 06 12 19 below
Both Sides of the Coin – National Crime Agency’s response to vulnerable people in county lines drug offending See PCC response dated 25 02 20 below
Evidence Led Domestic Abuse Prosecutions See PCC response dated 12 03 20 below
PEEL – Police effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy 2018/19 inspection report See PCC response dated 30 03 20 below
National Child protection programme See PCC response dated 15 04 20 below
A joint thematic inspection of Integrated Offender Management See PCC response dated 21 04 20 below
Counter-terrorism policing: An inspection of the police’s contribution to the government’s Prevent programme See PC response dated 06 05 20 below
A call for help – Police contact management through call handling and control rooms See PCC response dated 03 09 20 below
Roads Policing: Not optional – An inspection of roads policing in England and Wales See PCC response dated 09 09 20 below
PEEL spotlight report: The Hard Yards – Police to police collaboration See PCC response dated 11 09 20 below