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Police and Crime Panel

What does the Police and Crime Panel do?

The Police and Crime Panel (PCP) provides checks and balances on the work of the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC). The Panel does not scrutinise Cambridgeshire Constabulary; it scrutinises how the PCC carries out his statutory responsibilities. While the Panel is there to constructively challenge the PCC, it also has a key role in supporting the Commissioner in his role in enhancing public accountability of the police force.

The PCP is made up of 11 elected councillors from local authorities across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough and two independent members.

The responsibilities of the Panel include:

  • Review and make recommendations on the draft Police and Crime Plan
  • Scrutinise the PCC, inviting the Chief Constable to attend before the PCP where appropriate
  • Review the PCC’s appointment of Chief Executive, Chief Financial Officer and Deputy PCC where one is appointed
  • Make reports and recommendations on matters relating to the PCC
  • Monitor all complaints against the PCC and the informal resolution of such complaints where necessary
  • Question the PCC on the annual report in a public meeting
  • Veto powers on the PCC’s proposed annual council tax precept and appointment of Chief Constable.

The PCP is currently hosted by Peterborough City Council. Details of the Panels work, meetings and reports submitted by the Commissioner can be found on their Website: