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Complaints and Conduct

23 May 17

The Police and Crime Commissioner has a duty to be open, transparent and accountable.  It is essential to ensure that the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner handles complaints (against the PCC or Cambridgeshire Constabulary police and/or staff) appropriately to ensure that service users feel confident that their complaints are heard, considered and acted upon promptly and fairly.  In order to achieve this, the complaints policy must:

  • Demonstrate accountability of the Commissioner to the public;
  • Promote transparency between the Commissioner and the general public (recognising complaints processes as a form of engagement);
  • Contribute to the Commissioner’s ability to meet its duties and responsibilities (e.g. Human Rights Act 1998/2000, Equalities Act 2010 and the Police Reform Act 2002);
    • Promote effective access to the complaints process and appropriate appeals mechanisms;
    • Ensure complaints themselves are dealt with courteously and efficiently and issues addressed expeditiously in accordance with statutory process and timeframes; and ensure the management of complaints is maintained effectively and learning is captured to improve service.

The Commissioner’s Complaints Policy is available on the right hand side of this page.

The Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Panel are responsible for considering complaints made against the Police and Crime Commissioner.  The Panel has delegated certain responsibilities for complaint handling to the Commissioner’s Chief Executive and Monitoring Officer.  A copy of the Panel’s Complaint Procedure can be found on the Panel’s website, which is hosted by Peterborough City Council.


To date, two complaints have been received against the Cambridgeshire Police Crime Commissioner and dealt with in accordance with the Elected Local Policing Bodies (Complaints and Misconduct) Regulations 2012 and the Panel’s Complaint Procedure.  In both cases, the Panel agreed that no further action was to be taken against the Commissioner but made three recommendations.  Information relating to these complaints can be found on the Panel’s Complaints Sub-Committee website.


To make a complaint against Cambridgeshire Constabulary :






Complaints Policy Statement December 2017 (484 kb)

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