• Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner for Cambridge

Police and Crime Commissioner’s Youth Fund

Are you working with young people in your community and looking for a small amount of funding to kick start a new project?

Cambridgeshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner has provided Cambridgeshire Community Foundation with £40,000 to set up a Police and Crime Commissioner Youth Fund.

The aim of the Youth Fund is to engage young people in positive activities in their community in line with the Commissioner’s pledge to support work with young people to divert them away from a life of crime.   The projects must be related to activities that have the potential to reduce youth crime, linked to the Commissioner’s pledge to continue to tackle crime and disorder. The fund is open to third sector organisations and community groups who can bid for small grants up to a maximum £2,000.

Cambridgeshire Community Foundation is a charity that administers grants on behalf of other organisations.  It markets the fund and manages all the administration over the grant applications supporting applicants where required. They assess applications to ensure they are consistent with their charitable purpose, however a Grant Panel makes the final decision on awards.

The bid process is simple and staff at Cambridgeshire Community Foundation can help you. You will need to track the impact of your work, but help and advice on how to do that is available.

How to apply

Fill in the form on the Cambridgeshire Community Foundation website