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The Police and Crime Commissioner and his office receive correspondence and telephone enquiries from the public, partners, businesses, recipients of police services and complainants. The correspondence received or the questions asked cover a range of issues, some of which maybe of a personal and or sensitive nature. This could include names and addresses, lifestyle circumstances, offences or alleged offences, criminal proceedings, physical or mental health conditions, or complaints.

The Commissioner and his office sometimes need to share information received with Cambridgeshire Constabulary to either enable the Commissioner to respond to the enquiry or, where it is a matter for the Constabulary to deal with, for them to respond directly. Although by law the Commissioner cannot get involved in operational policing matters it is important that he understands the concerns raised with him. This helps the Commissioner to improve accountability within policing and ensures that the Constabulary is combating issues that are important to the public, partners, the community and others.

All correspondence will be dealt with as quickly as possible, however, due to the high volume of e-mails, letters and calls received each day there may be a delay during busy periods.

If you repeatedly contact the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and raise the same points that have previously been considered and concluded, the Office will no longer respond to you with regards to these matters. Please do not feel this is being discourteous but we can be of no further help with already resolved issues.

The Policing Protocol allows the Commissioner to access information from the Chief Constable and the Constabulary to enable him to exercise the functions of his office for a policing purpose. The Commissioner and his office also comply with the Data Protection Act.

More information about The Policing Protocol Order 2011 (Statutory Instrument 2011/2744) can be found here.

Meeting the Police and Crime Commissioner

The protocol for contacting or meeting the Police and Crime Commissioner can be found at the bottom of this page.

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