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Complaints and Conduct Matters

We want people to be safe and feel safe where they live and work and for the police to provide you with the best service possible. Everyone has a right to fair and honest treatment and should expect a professional service. However, sometimes things can go wrong and when this happens, the Constabulary want to hear about it so they can learn and improve.

The Police and Crime Commissioner has a duty to be open, transparent and accountable.  He also has a legal responsibility to monitor all complaints made against all Cambridgeshire Constabulary officers and staff, whilst also having responsibility for complaints made against the Chief Constable. The Police and Crime Panel has responsibility for handling complaints against the Commissioner or the Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner.

Complaints against Cambridgeshire Constabulary are handled in two ways either by the Constabulary’s Complaints Review Team or the Constabulary’s Professional Standards Department, depending on the severity of the complaint and seniority of the officers or staff concerned.

It is important that you follow the right processes so that your concerns can be handled efficiently.

Reporting in relation to complaints

The Elected Local Policing Bodies (Specified Information) (Amendment) Order 2021 was implemented in May 2021. This Order provides that information relating to a police force’s performance against the Government’s published national priorities for policing, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services (HMICFRS) performance reports on the force, and complaint handling must be published.

Please find below the most recent performance reports in respect of the Order.

Cambridgeshire Constabulary’s Professional Standards Department (PSD) also publish key data in relation to public complaint and conduct cases recorded by the PSD for Bedfordshire Police, Cambridgeshire Constabulary and Hertfordshire Constabulary. These reports are intended to sit alongside the Independent Office for Police Conduct reporting on public complaints.

The latest performance data from PSD can be found below:

Complaints about Cambridgeshire Constabulary

You can complain about the behaviour or action by the Police that has directly affected you, adversely affected you or that you have witnessed. If you wish to make a complaint on behalf of someone else who falls into one or more of the above categories, you will require written permission from the person affected. Solicitors must also gain written permission if they are acting on a person’s behalf.

For further information on how to make a complaint and how your complaint will be dealt with please refer to Cambridgeshire Constabulary’s website.

What is the role of the Police and Crime Commissioner?

The Police and Crime Commissioner has responsibility for delivering an efficient and effective Police Service in their area. The Commissioner’s role is to support and, when necessary, challenge the Chief Constable. By law, the Commissioner cannot get involved in operational policing, investigate individual cases or task officers to incidents. This is the responsibility of the Chief Constable. With respect to complaints, the Commissioner is required to oversee all complaints made against officers and staff. They also have responsibility for complaints against the Chief Constable. The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Complaints policy can be found at the bottom of this page.

Requesting a Complaint Review

Before a complaint can be reviewed it has to be recorded by the constabulary’s Professional Standards Department (PSD). Following the conclusion of the complaint if you are not happy with the way it has been handled, you are given the right to request a review.

The review will be dealt with by either the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) or the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC). You will be advised of the relevant review body at the conclusion of the complaint in writing. The timeframe for requesting a review is 28 days from the date of the letter concluding your complaint. Please check your complaint outcome letter which will have been sent to you to confirm who you should make a review request to.

The review will consider whether the outcome of the handling of the complaint was reasonable and proportionate but not the handling of the matter or incident that led to the complaint being made. Where the relevant review body finds that the outcome of the complaint is not reasonable and proportionate, it will uphold the review and may make certain recommendations to the Chief Constable.

For more information about the Complaints process, visit here: Complaints Review.

Complaints against the Chief Constable

The Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner has a statutory duty to consider complaints against the most senior police officer of the Constabulary i.e. the Chief Constable.

If you wish to make a complaint against the Chief Constable please write to The Police and Crime Commissioner, at PO Box 688, Huntingdon, PE29 9LA, or email: Please note that Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner cannot deal with complaints made anonymously.

Complaints against the Police and Crime Commissioner and or Deputy Commissioner

The Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Panel are responsible for considering complaints made against the Police and Crime Commissioner.  The Panel has delegated certain responsibilities for complaint handling to the Commissioner’s Chief Executive and Monitoring Officer, please contact:

Jim Haylett

Office of the Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner PO Box 688

Huntingdon PE29 9LA

By email:

A copy of the Panel’s Complaint Procedure can be found on the Panel’s website, which is hosted by Peterborough City Council.

A record of complaints made against the Police and Crime Commissioner or the Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner is given at the bottom of this page.