• Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner for Cambridge

Transparency Information

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner has a responsibility to make certain transparency information available to the public, as detailed within the Elected Local Policing Bodies Information Order 2011 (2011 No. 3050), and the subsequent Amendment Order 2012 (2012 No. 2479).

On this page you can find details of our governance arrangements for as disclosure information, and our complaints procedures. Financial information can be found under the Money section, here.

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  • Governance Information

    24 December 14

    All information relating to the governance of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner

  • Staff

    06 September 17

    Support to the Commissioner and his Deputy is provided by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, which currently comprises: *Chief Executive (0.9 fte) *Director of Finance / Deputy Chief Executive (0.5 Read more

  • Disclosure Information

    19 April 13

    All documents relating to information disclosure – updated 8th June 2016

  • Gifts and Hospitality Register

    09 February 15

    The Gifts and Hospitality Register details the nature of the gift or hospitality, to whom it was made and whether it was accepted or rejected.

  • Staff Equality & Diversity Information

    18 August 15

    Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner staff will comply with and ensure that those who we support adhere to guidelines set out in the public sector Equality Duty, which will “consider Read more

  • Qualifying Disclosures / Whistle-blowing

    18 March 13

    The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner will adhere to Section 43B of the Employment Rights Act 1996 and actively encourage a qualifying disclosures (ie, “whistle-blowing” of incidents) culture Read more

  • Complaints and Conduct

    23 May 17

    The Police and Crime Commissioner has a duty to be open, transparent and accountable.  It is essential to ensure that the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner handles complaints Read more

  • Records Management, Data Protection and Subject Access

    15 March 13

    How we use personal information The Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner takes Data Protection very seriously and takes great care to ensure that personal information is handled appropriately. The use Read more

  • Policies

    19 April 13

    Policies relating to the functions of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner: Conduct – the Commissioner’s ‘Code of Conduct’ is the Declaration of the Acceptance of Office he signed Read more